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1. Want a new fitness challenge?
2. Have a goal and aren't sure how to reach it?
3. Tired of exercising on your own or making up your own programs?

Project Reinvent is a guided program designed to improve the chance of success by promoting the foundations o healthy fitness habits: Eating right and Exercising effectively.

Eating Right
Solid nutrition is a huge part of making progress towards any fitness goal. Eating the right quality foods in the right amounts will help you lose weight, get toned, perform in your workout, and move through life. Our aim is to make the process of eating healthy as simple as possible by making it easy to understand what to eat and keeping you accountable.

Effective exercise
Stop guessing at what to do! Just show up, and we'll have workouts prepared for you that will get your heart pumping, build strength, and create the right stimulus to help you tone, lose weight, and feel great.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form: Help us get to know you and your goals.

  2. Attend the Nutrition Session - Attend the nutrition session at CrossFit QC. Learn all the basics of nutrition and success factors that will help you reach your goal. Also meet the like-minded individuals who are just as dedicated as you to real change.

  3. Work out 3x a week in a group setting - Work hard, get stronger, and make real progress.

  4. Track your meals - Send your coach photos of your meals or post in our Facebook group. Get feedback and suggestions to make sure that you stay on the right track.

  5. Record your progress - record your daily weight, measurements, and photos so that you can see how much better you’re getting.